My name is Matias, I’m a software engineer from Paraguay.

I’ve been involved in software for around 12 years. Most of my education has been self taught and started when I was a child.

My fields of interest include open source software and information security, for this reason I’m part of the Tyk team: we’re building an open source API gateway that’s used by companies all around the world to protect and manage their systems.

I like to meet random people, improvise music around the world and eat pasta.

Open source

I’m very passionate about open source software and the way the communities work, in the past year I’ve contributed around one hundred patches to different software projects, ranging from a Google’s hardware project to creating the first Spanish docs for the amazing Electron framework.

I also created a tool for exploiting Redis security and an Atom plugin for rendering programmatic CAD models: atom-jscad.

In 2014 I implemented an experimental software tool to bypass Facebook’s “Free Internet” service (also known as “Free Basics”, part of the campaign). The idea was a tuntap weekend hack, not intended for general use (you need a C compiler to use it…). After making it to the front page of Hacker News I received thousands of messages from people all around the world and finally decided not to continue the development of this tool for the simple reason that this piece of software represented my own criticism of the campaign and the difussion it got was enough.


I used to take public speaking classes at school and as I am very talkative when discussing the topics I like, I’ve been trying to focus a bit more and present talks at conferences. This year I spoke about different software topics in Italy, Brazil & Mexico, it was a really challenging thing. I would also like to improve my English communication skills as I’m not a native English speaker.


I’ve been playing guitar for around 8 years. Also taught myself some piano. Most of the time I’m playing bossa nova or blues. If you’re curious check my YouTube channel or my Soundcloud profile.


My e-mail is: matias AT

In case you want to send an encrypted message 🤐, check my Keybase profile.